People have as many opinions about what to eat as there are things to eat, and while I have variously subscribed and unsubscribed to a good deal of such opinions, in the end my thoughts on the matter have tended towards this conclusion: eat what makes you feel most alive.

What we eat is more than just a sum total of nutrients, or flavors or even ingredients – and if we are to eat well, we should eat for more than such things alone. Our eating should define us. Define where we come from, where we live, who we are. It should tell stories, hold memories. It should ground us in our past as much as it will shape our future. It should comfort us, sustain us, delight us – express all of all those subtle and beautiful nuances that make us who we are. And most of all, it should not simply define, but celebrate all of this.

Eat what makes you feel most alive. That will be different for everyone, and demands that we listen to our own wisdom and desires in the way we choose to nourish ourselves. For me this is eating foods that are grown close to home, foods that are raised with love, attention to quality and care for the Earth, wild foods, colorful foods, fresh foods. Here is a collection of the foods that I love, that I deeply enjoy and that make me feel vibrant and deeply content when I eat them. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.


Baked Goods



Savory Embellishments

Jams and Sweet Spreads

Main Courses


Sides and Snacks

Soups and Stews