Hot ginger grapefruit


Sometimes, it all gets to be too much.

Twitter and Facebook and breaking headlines. Now this is what’s happening, haven’t you heard? Every millisecond updated and improved, version 3.1 now. For sure we’ve got the kinks worked out. Stay tuned. Stay informed. Now that is the way to look at things.

And people seem to navigate through it, effortless. Next to me on the bus, passing by on the street – thumbs constantly working, working. Information being exchanged like breath. I look at them, and I think, I could see how easy it would be to go crazy in a world like this. To walk around muttering to myself and not understanding. Because the thread is so hard to carry: it slips, it breaks, and you lose the point. Things stop making sense, and then, where do you even begin again?


Which is why, I sometimes find the need to be simple, and to let it go.  Because sometimes it gets so tiring to look at an apple, and think: now what can we do with you? Sometimes you just want to eat an apple, and let it stop at that.

So yesterday, I cut open a grapefruit and it was beautiful – pink and sparkly. I mixed some sugar in a bowl with a bit of grated fresh ginger, and then I smeared that over the top, and I enjoyed the roughness of the crystals under my fingers, and the scent of citrus drifting up. I put the two halves under the broiler, let the sugar melt and the top brown. And then I ate segment by warm, humming segment with a little spoon (here is this little contained thing, its own bowl, finite), and when I was finished, I squeezed the juice and tipped it into my mouth, and I didn’t much care that I got some on my chin.

And then, the world somehow made sense. The thread found. Sweet and spice and sour and bitter, clicking everything back into place. Oh yes: this is what it’s about.



  1. “And people seem to navigate through it, effortless.” Don’t believe it for a moment. I’ll wager scores and scads of those people wish they could compose a thoughtful, insightful essay like this and all of your previous efforts here. I’ll take your tasty-looking bites over their tedious-sounding bytes any day of the week! :o)

  2. Jerelyn Sehl says:

    I gave up Facebook and Words with Friends for Lent. (Never got in to Twitter). I’m loving all the extra time I have!

    • What a great idea! I went on a computer fast once last year I think it was, and I couldn’t believe how much free time I had! It is truly remarkable how much time gets sucked into checking email, facebook, twitter, this that and the other. I guess the hard part is learning the moderation in the long run, isn’t it? A continuing exercise…

  3. Oh that does look good! Ginger and grapefruit… will try it! 😀

  4. Just got back from vacation…a Disney vacation, the “magical world”… nice to be insulated from the news world for a bit. Your posting reminds me that I do not have to jump right back into the chaos. I need to find some middle ground and make that the norm!! As always, thank you for such a thoughtful post and life observation!!:)

  5. Mouth watering here! Simplicity is always the most completely satisfying somehow. 🙂 xx

  6. Ginger and Sugar —— a team for more complimentary than texting, head bent, missing out.

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