Oh how November sun can lift the spirits.

And oh how November gloom can sink them back down again.

But even the gloom has its charms.

As though it says

‘go in and sit by the fire awhile’

until the sun comes back out again.


  1. November certainly can be gloomy, but then when the sun does come out I think it lifts my spirits more than on a summer’s day. Lovely words and a beautiful collection of November moments!

  2. Lovely photographs. Especially like the lone boat.

  3. so Novembery

  4. Beautiful photos….Makes November (almost) feel warm…

  5. I agree. Gloom certainly can be charming, if we look at it in the right way.

  6. marthasnail says:

    you’ve described november perfectly. adore that stained glass window!

  7. Greetings to you as November is passing way too fast. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, your first in Cornwall. What will you be doing? We miss you but know this is a good move (for now).


    • Missing you as well! I shall answer your question in the post I’m just about to post 🙂 I’m not quite sure what happened to November!


  8. I am fascinated, as alwalys, for your eye of photography…… How do you pick/spot such scenes? Each photo relays so much feeling.

  9. More beautiful pictures. You capture the subtle feelings of things so well in your images. There is something indefinable but wonderful about them. x

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