Hot ginger grapefruit

Hot Gingered Grapefruit

Sometimes, it all gets to be too much. Twitter and Facebook and breaking headlines. Now this is what’s happening, haven’t you heard? Every millisecond updated and improved, version 3.1 now. For sure we’ve got the kinks worked out. Stay tuned. Stay informed. Now that is the way to look at things. And people seem to navigate through it, effortless. Next […]

A little bit of truth


Lately, I’ve been feeling this sense of anger. Which is to say, that I’ve been fluctuating on the border of outrage and despair, dipping between the two like a person precariously balanced on a rope. Sometimes I sway here, sometimes there. It’s something I don’t like to talk about. Who wants to hear about it? […]

In the meantime


Long ago, a friend told me that  you knew you were on the right path in life when you got green lights. The path just opens up for you she said. Suddenly everything is easy street.  Now I don’t know about you, but if this is true then I have never even come close to getting on […]