Chocolate Dipped Candied Oranges


  Cooking is always the thing that saves me. I cannot say for sure why it is. Could it be that there is some rhythm in the sifting and measuring, the stirring and tasting, that brings me back to myself? Is it the comfort of a process that can be followed, and that can, for […]



Come with me for a walk, will you? First we’ll walk up Trelawney to the highest point in town. Past Provadore where the door opens and closes with Saturday morning bustle, conversations spilling out with the smells of coffee and toast. Gardens burst out through fences along the street.  Someone in one of the houses is […]

An Emotional Cookery


This is the cookbook I’d like to write, in a nutshell. The emotions that define the reasons we eat. The daily and seasonal  rhythms that define the emotions. The energetics that weave it all together. Call it an “emotional cookery.” Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! XOXO