Looking Back: August – December


August: Sweet juicy plums; rivers of Queen Anne’s Lace; an adventure over the mountains in the summer rain; Vermont evenings September: A new adventure begun; sailboats in the harbour; berries in the hedgerow; Cornish mud on my boots October: A London market; a visit to the Downs; mulled cider on bonfire night November: Red berries […]

Looking Back: January-July


January: Tea by candlelight; frosty windows and summer’s scarlet jewels pulled from the freezer February: Raw chocolate tart;  palest pink tulips in the window and ruby red grapefruit to brighten the mornings March: Reading by candlelight in a thunderstorm; Guinness and a loaf of soda bread; hunting for morels in the Michigan forests April: The […]

Queen’s Salad


I’ve been thinking about my Grandmother’s shoes. Millie’s shoes. They were gold, shaped like ballet slippers. And the toes were covered in jewels – rubies and emeralds and diamonds (not really, but really) that glittered in the light. They were the most fantastic shoes I had ever seen.  She called them the queen’s shoes. Because when you wear them, she […]