Oh how November sun can lift the spirits. And oh how November gloom can sink them back down again. But even the gloom has its charms. As though it says ‘go in and sit by the fire awhile’ until the sun comes back out again.



Autumn here is a gradual affair. Everything is subtle. Leaves fade to yellows and browns and scatter over the side walks.  Hedgerows are dotted with the mauves and reds of berries.  Scarlet vines creep over old buildings like flames. But nothing too showy. Nothing too drastic. Just a little colour here and there, mist and drizzle, […]



A few glimpses from the past week when that undefinable, exhilarating sense of wildness was glimpsed in unexpected places. I’m reading Wild, Delicate Seconds By Charles Finn, on the recommendation of Shari,  and it has me thinking about those unexpected encounters, when wildness intrudes itself into our normal work-a-day lives. On a side note, I will be in […]