The Lizard


A few photos from our walk on the Lizard Peninsula last weekend. Moorland. Dramatic cliffs. Ponies grazing to the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks below.  I wondered where the name Lizard came from, so I looked it up –  it’s a corruption of the Cornish “Lys Ardh”, meaning “high court.” Certainly you do feel you are on […]

Quinoa Porridge with Apples and Spice


I’ve been wanting to show you the rest of photos from visiting Lucinda in East Sussex. I was thinking to myself, now how will I ever show them AND  fit in a recipe like I had promised? I’ve been telling you for weeks that I had a recipe to share with you, after all, and I do […]

Bonfire Night


Deep mud. Crisp air. Full moon. Torch light. Mulled Cider. Bonfire. Glowing ashes. Wood smoke. Fire works. Crisp night. More mulled cider. Happy Halloween!