Come with me for a walk, will you? First we’ll walk up Trelawney to the highest point in town. Past Provadore where the door opens and closes with Saturday morning bustle, conversations spilling out with the smells of coffee and toast. Gardens burst out through fences along the street.  Someone in one of the houses is […]

London Town


I didn’t expect to, but I fell in love with London. I liked the twisting roads. The fruit and veg stalls set up in the street with their scents of banana and guava and onion. The sound of different languages humming together. I liked the red double-deckers and the black cabs. The way the pollarded trees lining […]

The Penwith Moors


  Mauve and slate; emerald and russet; cinnamon and straw – and the silvery blue of the sea. Just before Christmas, we travelled to the North coast of Cornwall – to the Penwith Moors. Oh if I could describe to you what I felt, as the car wove its way Northwards from Penzance, rounding every […]