The Penwith Moors


  Mauve and slate; emerald and russet; cinnamon and straw – and the silvery blue of the sea. Just before Christmas, we travelled to the North coast of Cornwall – to the Penwith Moors. Oh if I could describe to you what I felt, as the car wove its way Northwards from Penzance, rounding every […]

The Lizard


A few photos from our walk on the Lizard Peninsula last weekend. Moorland. Dramatic cliffs. Ponies grazing to the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks below.  I wondered where the name Lizard came from, so I looked it up –  it’s a corruption of the Cornish “Lys Ardh”, meaning “high court.” Certainly you do feel you are on […]

Black & White


There is certain starkness to the landscape this time of year that is best appreciated in black and white. The skeletons of trees. The texture of  bark. The glossiness of holly. The glitter of raindrops hanging from branches. It all seems to stand out, somehow, in the gradients of grey. Time, as always, seems to be […]