Hot ginger grapefruit

Hot Gingered Grapefruit

Sometimes, it all gets to be too much. Twitter and Facebook and breaking headlines. Now this is what’s happening, haven’t you heard? Every millisecond updated and improved, version 3.1 now. For sure we’ve got the kinks worked out. Stay tuned. Stay informed. Now that is the way to look at things. And people seem to navigate through it, effortless. Next […]

Hot baths and noble deeds


This photo was on a walk the other weekend from Praa Sands to Porthleven. The sky was magnificent. I kept stopping every few feet to take photos of the clouds until M. threatened to throw the camera off the cliff if I didn’t keep up. Fortunately for him (and the camera), it started to rain […]

The Brink


There is a moment that happens just before a wave breaks. A split second more like. There is a hush, an anticipatory stillness, a pause – and then everything comes crashing down itself, bounding forward towards the shore. I like that moment. I live for that moment. Before I came here, an old friend of […]