Beautiful 2013


Last year, maybe it was even in January, Zadie Smith wrote an essay in the New York Review of Books entitled, ‘Joy.’  ‘It might be useful to distinguish between pleasure and joy,’ she begins. Because as to joy — ‘If you asked me if I wanted more joyful experiences in my life,’ she says, ‘I […]



Whatever magnificent dance of water particles and battles of air pressure gave rise to this sky gives me reason to believe that I should spend far more time looking up, and far less time watching where my feet are going.

Bits and Bobs


First of all, thank you. I mean it. For your tremendously encouraging response to my emotional cookbook idea. I am still working away on the proposal and I hope to share a little bit more with you soon. And by all means, if you have any particular associations between a specific food and emotional state  – where […]