Hot baths and noble deeds


This photo was on a walk the other weekend from Praa Sands to Porthleven. The sky was magnificent. I kept stopping every few feet to take photos of the clouds until M. threatened to throw the camera off the cliff if I didn’t keep up. Fortunately for him (and the camera), it started to rain […]

The Penwith Moors


  Mauve and slate; emerald and russet; cinnamon and straw – and the silvery blue of the sea. Just before Christmas, we travelled to the North coast of Cornwall – to the Penwith Moors. Oh if I could describe to you what I felt, as the car wove its way Northwards from Penzance, rounding every […]

Looking Back: August – December


August: Sweet juicy plums; rivers of Queen Anne’s Lace; an adventure over the mountains in the summer rain; Vermont evenings September: A new adventure begun; sailboats in the harbour; berries in the hedgerow; Cornish mud on my boots October: A London market; a visit to the Downs; mulled cider on bonfire night November: Red berries […]