Rainbow Chard Dolmas


I like the summer days that begin and end with a sweater. Days when I wake to air blowing in through the open window that makes me shiver and pull the covers round me a little tighter. That end with cool breezes and damp night air that settle around you like a fog. When the […]

Cooking on the Fire


One of my favorite things about summertime is having fires in the backyard. I love the smell of smoke. I love watching the embers glowing and the flames licking and lapping at the wood. I love the flickering light and the way it allows you to catch only bits and snatches of peoples faces as […]

Chocolate covered crackers with peanut butter and cyrstalized ginger

Sometimes a sort of magical thing happens, where you look at a box of those¬†Scandinavian style¬†rye crackers (you know the ones) sitting on your kitchen counter, and think, “I wonder what would happen if I slathered those with peanut butter, dipped them in melted chocolate, and sprinkled delicious sorts of things over the top?” And […]