Cod and Rosemary Sea Salt Chips

Cod with rosemary sea-salt chips

It’s been a year today since I lost my dad. Some of you will possibly relate to the sense of panic I have about this day passing.  Because in that year after a loved one’s death, that person is somehow kept alive to you through the comparison of time: last year on this day, we […]

Rhubarb Eton Mess


England has a bad reputation for two things. Can you guess? I’m sure you can. The first would be its weather, by which I can more specifically say, the rain. The second, its food – for which there is no specific: all of it, according to most, is bad.  England is a rainy miserable country […]

Chocolate yogurt puddings with strawberries, bananas and cocoa nibs

Oh February. I think perhaps Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sums up my feelings best when he says, “I hate February.”  Am I being a bit hard on this poor month? It’s just that, February is the point when winter really starts to lose its charm, when the seasonal motionlessness starts to make one feel, well,  just a […]