Cod and Rosemary Sea Salt Chips

Cod with rosemary sea-salt chips

It’s been a year today since I lost my dad. Some of you will possibly relate to the sense of panic I have about this day passing.  Because in that year after a loved one’s death, that person is somehow kept alive to you through the comparison of time: last year on this day, we […]

Rainbow Chard Dolmas


I like the summer days that begin and end with a sweater. Days when I wake to air blowing in through the open window that makes me shiver and pull the covers round me a little tighter. That end with cool breezes and damp night air that settle around you like a fog. When the […]

Eggs on toast

Normally eating by myself is something I rather dread.  Being of the type that immensely enjoys pleasing others – watching people I love derive happiness from something I’ve created just for them – cooking for myself has always seemed rather unrewarding. So much effort just to sit down alone.  But lately I’ve been finding it strangely pleasing – […]