Cooking on the Fire


One of my favorite things about summertime is having fires in the backyard. I love the smell of smoke. I love watching the embers glowing and the flames licking and lapping at the wood. I love the flickering light and the way it allows you to catch only bits and snatches of peoples faces as […]


When it comes down to it, the impoverished have traditionally been the ones who really know how to eat. Their food, free of fussiness and pretension, devoid of extravagance, is food that is real:  just basic, wholesome ingredients, prepared simply and humbly, prepared from necessity, crafted out of thrift. Food pared down to its very heart and soul. […]

Spicy Soup Noodles

Hello, my darling readers. Hope you’ve been well? ┬áHere on the East coast, we’re enjoying the first of the season’s snowfall – everything dusted in white, with those last little hints of yellows and rusts peaking through. I’ve been enjoying the snugness of it all, the quiet, that blissfully cozy feeling one gets seeing the […]