Gazpacho, Salad and Enjoyment


Life has felt surreal lately. Dreamlike. For one, everything feels so ahead of itself – the blackberries already hanging heavy off the brambles in the backyard, the goldenrod brushing the meadows with its signature hue and the delicate heads of Queen Anne’s lace looking every which way. It took me a minute to pin down […]

Spicy Soup Noodles

Hello, my darling readers. Hope you’ve been well?  Here on the East coast, we’re enjoying the first of the season’s snowfall – everything dusted in white, with those last little hints of yellows and rusts peaking through. I’ve been enjoying the snugness of it all, the quiet, that blissfully cozy feeling one gets seeing the […]

A humble dinner for a rainy autumn day

Menu: Mesclun greens with apple, pinenuts and walnut oil Creamy cauliflower soup with gorgonzola and pear relish Individual blackberry  ginger upside-down cakes with cream I am a collector of menus. I have notebooks full of them, clipped out of magazines or scrawled out messily  on scraps of paper at the kitchen table, piles of cookbooks […]