Green Drink


  Come March, I find myself unable to know what to eat. Or at least to know what I want to eat. Squash and root vegetables have long since lost their charms, and who can possibly afford those first meagre bunches of asparagus flown in from California? The inspiration that came from brisk days and cozy […]

Evergreen Shortbread and Tea

For me, the holidays are like a collection of  aromas and flavors, each with their own warm associations and awakening sense of sacredness to the season. Orange, cloves, ginger and cinnamon; the alcoholic perfume of brandy; the heady smoke of frankincense and myrrh. But I think there is nothing that smells more like Christmas than the earthy […]

Mulled Cider

When the leaves begin to turn and the air turns chill, when the fields are full of pumpkins and browning cornstalks, then it is time for cider. It should be the official drink of autumn, if you ask me. When I see it arrive on the shelves at the store, then I know, beyond any […]