Rye and Ginger Spice Buns

Rye and Ginger Spice Buns

I think that as I grow older, I am beginning to understand the value of planning ahead. I always shunned the idea of it when I was young. I dreaded the day I would become like my Mother, frantically searching through her purse for the list that seemed to dominate her life like a sacred […]

Quinoa Porridge with Apples and Spice


I’ve been wanting to show you the rest of photos from visiting Lucinda in East Sussex. I was thinking to myself, now how will I ever show them AND  fit in a recipe like I had promised? I’ve been telling you for weeks that I had a recipe to share with you, after all, and I do […]

French Toast and Change


My mind is all a jumble. Thoughts fly through my consciousness like a meteor shower – it feels impossible to follow the progression of one before another catches my eye, before they all disappear somewhere beyond the horizon of my seeing. I close my eyes for a moment, shut them out, let my mind fill with quietness. […]