Spring Rolls + Dip


Some people seem to have endless amounts of creative energy. My supply is finite; I only have so much. When I use it up on writing, I don’t seem to have any left over for thinking about food, which is strange for a person who usually doesn’t think of anything else. M. says that when […]

French Toast and Change


My mind is all a jumble. Thoughts fly through my consciousness like a meteor shower – it feels impossible to follow the progression of one before another catches my eye, before they all disappear somewhere beyond the horizon of my seeing. I close my eyes for a moment, shut them out, let my mind fill with quietness. […]

Savory apple crumble with squash, pork and rosemary

Recently I was watching a TED talk about longevity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who have some insane obsession with living forever. But I am curious about why it is that certain cultures tend to live longer than others. Or more specifically, I should say, I’m interested in how they tend […]