Gazpacho, Salad and Enjoyment


Life has felt surreal lately. Dreamlike. For one, everything feels so ahead of itself – the blackberries already hanging heavy off the brambles in the backyard, the goldenrod brushing the meadows with its signature hue and the delicate heads of Queen Anne’s lace looking every which way. It took me a minute to pin down […]

A cake of citrus and teff

It feels so nice to sit down at the computer for a moment. To breathe. To sigh. To let things sink in just a little. It’s been a difficult week. I’ve spent most of every day sitting in the hospital with my Dad and my family. Watching him sleep. Watching him trying to eat and […]

We ate crumble

Sometimes I like to ponder what I would eat for my last meal on Earth. Where I would eat it. Who I would eat it with. I’m not sure why it is that I am so drawn to such trivial questions as these, but somehow they seem important to consider. As though finding the answer […]