The Pasty


I could not live for a year in Cornwall without telling you about the pasty. And before you start getting too excited – let’s just get something clear before I begin. A pasty (pronounced pass-tee) is a little meat filled turnover indigenous to the British Isles: specifically the West Country of England including the counties […]

Savory apple crumble with squash, pork and rosemary

Recently I was watching a TED talk about longevity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who have some insane obsession with living forever. But I am curious about why it is that certain cultures tend to live longer than others. Or more specifically, I should say, I’m interested in how they tend […]

Cold weather hash for a lazy Sunday morning

Lately I’ve been thinking more about how I’d really like to spend my time. Like, if I knew my life were ending in six months, what would I do with my days, then? What wouldn’t I do? I try to ask this question every couple of months, because I think it’s a good way to […]