Dosas with Greens and Tahini Sauce

Dosas with greens and tahini sauce.

So, it’s been cold. We can start with that. The kind of cold where you walk outside and feel like your body has just been slammed into a brick wall. Where the rawness of the air makes your lungs feel like they will implode and all the tiny hairs on your face get covered in […]

Rainbow Chard Dolmas


I like the summer days that begin and end with a sweater. Days when I wake to air blowing in through the open window that makes me shiver and pull the covers round me a little tighter. That end with cool breezes and damp night air that settle around you like a fog. When the […]

Strawberry and Vanilla Tea Cakes

I love to bake cakes. I have always loved to bake cakes. ┬áSome things never change. As a girl, there was nothing that made me happier than an invitation to help my Mom in the kitchen, especially if she was baking. I loved turning the crank on the sifter and watching the flour fall through […]