A spring risotto and a pot to stir

Spring risotto with asparagus, leeks and chevre

I tend to enjoy cooking projects that facilitate day-dreaming. Tasks that involve a a rhythm of sorts, a lulling repetition that begs the mind to wander — chopping,¬†kneading — though I think pot stirring is best since you don’t run the danger of chopping your fingers off. Perhaps it’s because I’m lazy at heart and […]

Sweet Corn and Barley-otto


Starting around late August, the days start to take on a certain sweetness. The light begins to soften, the landscape moves to the muted mauves and golds of late summer’s wildflowers. And in the twilight air, when the sky turns pastel and the first stars appear on the horizon, there is a certain chill that […]

Barley soda bread with Guinness, apples and cheddar

Many years ago now, I was sitting in the front seat of a bus winding its way down the coast of County Clare. It was a September afternoon with that soft spitting mist and curtains of fog which seem such a part of the landscape there – a soft day¬†I think they would call it. […]