Kimchi Tacos

Kimchi Tacos

Some people’s minds are like rivers. They are always moving, always catching the light in a brilliant and novel way, always flowing along. My mind is more like a field in November. Most of the time, it seems pretty dull and pretty plain, mostly barren and occasionally a little swampy and dreary and cold. But […]

Sweet Corn and Barley-otto


Starting around late August, the days start to take on a certain sweetness. The light begins to soften, the landscape moves to the muted mauves and golds of late summer’s wildflowers. And in the twilight air, when the sky turns pastel and the first stars appear on the horizon, there is a certain chill that […]

Cornmeal Thumbprints with Meyer Lemon Curd

I’ve always had a soft spot for thumbprint cookies. There is just something so quaint about them – so sweetly rustic and so homey  – that you just can’t help but be charmed. I guess we all have certain foods that for one reason or another get mixed up with the sensations of our childhood. […]