Summer fruit with honey almond sauce


I am sitting out at the little table in our back garden, under the dappled light of a butterfly bush. I can hear seagulls cawing to each other from the chimney tops. The sound of a bus shifting gears. There is the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming in off the street. It occurred to […]

Peach and Candied Ginger Scones


Did I ever tell you that scones are one of my favorite things?  There is just something about them – their crumbly butteriness, their hint of sweetness, the way the steam rises up when you slice them in half, still warm from the oven. They seem to melt away one’s worries and cares with the […]

Strawberry days

If the first heady days of summertime had a flavor, they most certainly would taste of strawberry. Not just any strawberry mind you, but the perfect strawberry – a ripe little gem picked straight from the plant with the sunshine pouring down on your shoulders and your fingers stained crimson, the far away humming of bees and […]