Summer fruit with honey almond sauce


I am sitting out at the little table in our back garden, under the dappled light of a butterfly bush. I can hear seagulls cawing to each other from the chimney tops. The sound of a bus shifting gears. There is the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming in off the street. It occurred to […]

Strawberry days

If the first heady days of summertime had a flavor, they most certainly would taste of strawberry. Not just any strawberry mind you, but the perfect strawberry – a ripe little gem picked straight from the plant with the sunshine pouring down on your shoulders and your fingers stained crimson, the far away humming of bees and […]

Strawberry and Vanilla Tea Cakes

I love to bake cakes. I have always loved to bake cakes.  Some things never change. As a girl, there was nothing that made me happier than an invitation to help my Mom in the kitchen, especially if she was baking. I loved turning the crank on the sifter and watching the flour fall through […]