Rye and Ginger Spice Buns

Rye and Ginger Spice Buns

I think that as I grow older, I am beginning to understand the value of planning ahead. I always shunned the idea of it when I was young. I dreaded the day I would become like my Mother, frantically searching through her purse for the list that seemed to dominate her life like a sacred […]

Peach and Candied Ginger Scones


Did I ever tell you that scones are one of my favorite things?  There is just something about them – their crumbly butteriness, their hint of sweetness, the way the steam rises up when you slice them in half, still warm from the oven. They seem to melt away one’s worries and cares with the […]

Elderflower Pots de Crème with Rhubarb Compote

As June dissolves away into the first humid and hot days of July, the elder flowers start to bloom. They are everywhere. Along every roadside, looking up from every moist ditch, surrounding the borders of every pond and every lake. Everywhere. Cloud like sprays of cream-colored blossoms ablaze in the strong summer sunshine, filling the […]