Chocolate yogurt puddings with strawberries, bananas and cocoa nibs

Oh February. I think perhaps Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sums up my feelings best when he says, “I hate February.”  Am I being a bit hard on this poor month? It’s just that, February is the point when winter really starts to lose its charm, when the seasonal motionlessness starts to make one feel, well,  just a […]

Chocolate covered crackers with peanut butter and cyrstalized ginger

Sometimes a sort of magical thing happens, where you look at a box of those Scandinavian style rye crackers (you know the ones) sitting on your kitchen counter, and think, “I wonder what would happen if I slathered those with peanut butter, dipped them in melted chocolate, and sprinkled delicious sorts of things over the top?” And […]

Black raspberry malts

Today was just one of those days.  I spent most of my day outside, doing concession at the first ever marathon in the Mad River Valley. That part wasn’t so bad actually, except perhaps,  for the 85 degree sun shining down on me in the middle of  field from a cloudless sky, turning my shoulders […]