Summer fruit with honey almond sauce


I am sitting out at the little table in our back garden, under the dappled light of a butterfly bush. I can hear seagulls cawing to each other from the chimney tops. The sound of a bus shifting gears. There is the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming in off the street. It occurred to […]



My fingertips smell of cloves and orange peel.  I’ve been making mincemeat.  Dried fruit, brandy, apples and spice. I mixed everything together in a ceramic bowl and then packed the mixture away into little glass jars that will be opened successively throughout the month, for mince pies and other such things. I set the jars on […]

Blackberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut Tea Cakes


Being in a culture that is ever so subtly different from your own presents an interesting situation. The problem is that things are so similar on the surface to your own cultural environment – same language (or samish), similar food, similar clothing styles, etc. – that you forget they are, in reality, markedly different. You […]