Now and Then


  Once, when I was a little girl, I decided to hide under the kitchen table. I’m not sure what spurred me to do it. I suppose it looked like a good possibility for a fort. I crawled under and pulled the chairs in, folded my knees to my chest, and waited to see what […]

Green Drink


  Come March, I find myself unable to know what to eat. Or at least to know what I want to eat. Squash and root vegetables have long since lost their charms, and who can possibly afford those first meagre bunches of asparagus flown in from California? The inspiration that came from brisk days and cozy […]

Dosas with Greens and Tahini Sauce

Dosas with greens and tahini sauce.

So, it’s been cold. We can start with that. The kind of cold where you walk outside and feel like your body has just been slammed into a brick wall. Where the rawness of the air makes your lungs feel like they will implode and all the tiny hairs on your face get covered in […]